Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gurbani Uchaaran - Nitnem MP3 - Taksal - Giani Thakur Singh Ji, Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji, Jap Ji Sahib - Panj Bania + Rehraas + Soheila Sahib + Nit

Any time we get a chance to listen to Gurbani, we should be thankful. However, it is very important they we listen to Gurbani with pronunciations that are accurate as possible. Not every CD of Nitnem holds true to the correct pronunciation. In general, Taksali Sikhs place a strong emphasis on the pronunciation of the Gurbani as well as reading the full version. In addition some Sikhs support a shorter version of Rehraas sahib and Chupai sahib, but I say that the more Gurbani we can read the better; that is why the audio files below contain ful versions of the Nitnem Bani with pronunciation that is very accurate.

Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji - Damdami Taskal:

7 Nitnem Banis
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Giani Thakur Singh Ji:

Nitnem (Sehaj)
5 filesplay all
Nitnem 7 Banis
7 filesplay all
Santheya Ucharan
9 filesplay all


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