Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sukhmani Sahib MP3 Audio - Taksal - Bhai Jarnail Singh - Giani Thakur Singh

 Below you will find links to Sukhmani Sahib MP3 Audio, which is read by two Taksali Sikhs. Bhai Jarnail Singh has a fast pace style and Giani Thakur Singh Ji has read Sukhmani Sahib more slowly.

Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji:

Multiple Files:


Two Files:

012-Sukhmani Sahib (Ashattpadi 1-12) Ang-262-279
Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji - Sindar Gutka Banis
45:23 · 128 Kbit/s · 41.55 MB · MP3
013-Sukhmani Sahib (Ashattpadi 13-24) Ang-279-296
Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji - Sindar Gutka Banis
45:15 · 128 Kbit/s · 41.42 MB · MP3

Single File:

10.Sukhmani Sahib
Bhai Jarnail Singh - Sundar Gutka
90:38 · 128 Kbit/s · 82.78 MB · MP3

Giani Thakur Singh Ji:

07 Sukhmani Sahib.mp3
08 Sukhmani Sahib.mp3


It is big effort to teach how to recite the Gurbani without any mistake of Grammar, and with correct pronunciation.

This is very late, but you are absolutely correct.

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