Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Caged Chicken Now Free - Learning to Live - Animal Abuse

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This is not an article or news, it is an appeal. I usually do not write posts or comment on this blog too often. Most of the content is usually from other websites and simply link it because I feel there a lot of knowledgeable people that already cover various perspectives of the topics you see on this blog. The purpose of this blog is to simply bring things together from various sites. However, today I feel compelled to share a story with you all because I do not think it is often covered on many Sikhism sites.  Below is a link that covers what these animals go through. Please if you ever have time, read this story.


For most Americans, hearing that majority of the meat comes from caged animals should be no surprise. If you didn't know, Google the images for Chicken Farms, Pig Bacon Farms and etc...

Physically assaulting animals or abusing them is typically considered inhumane, even by those that eat the meat of these animals. What bothers me though is that there is not enough press and outrage over the way chickens, pigs, cows, and other animals are kept. Take a look at the photos above and tell me what you think? Does anyone have the right to do this to any living being? It's bad enough most of these animals are going to get slaughtered to please the taste of people's tongues but being kept in cages and stored like shoes or limited to a 1-foot moving space for cows is even more cruel. Could you imagine coming into this world only to be stacked up against other humans, not being able to move for most of your life and being locked up. Every single day, for most of the day? Not knowing how to walk, or stand, or do the simple things that your born to do? How would that make most of us feel?

A lot of Sikhs believe in a vegetarian diet but some do not. I am not here to argue that (though I am Vegetarian myself, so I am biased). However, as Sikhs, protecting the weak and the voiceless is our duty and I think we need to spread the word about this issue. Whether you are vegetarian or not, please help push for better treatment of these voiceless animals. Crushing the spirit of any living being is just not fair...


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