Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fighting at the Gurdwara

I'm going to keep this simple:
  • STOP FIGHTING AT THE GURDWARA: In particular, inside the DARBAR SAHIB and in front of Guru Granth Sahib. If you absolutely can't help yourself, take it somewhere else.

  • COMMITTEES: These 'committee' fights are getting embarrassing. It embarrasses the community, it is disrespect to the Guru. We are putting ourselves above the Guru.  We are supposed to fight for justice, not egos! If someone is committing an act of injustice, then stop them! Other than that, there is no excuse for fights at the Gurdwara.

  • MOB MENTALITY: Mob mentality needs to stop. When a few  people have handled the situation, there is no need for everyone to get involved. If you are going to, call for PEACE, and stop the fights! I am not telling people to stand there and watch while injustice is going on, but when it is a matter of one, two or, multiple grown people who haven't matured, please do not get involved, unless it is necessary.

  • TURBAN SNATCHING: Stop aiming to snatch Turbans! How can another Sikh do that to another Sikh? If it falls in a legitimate struggle, then it's one thing. However, some people find it funny or think it is a game ! This is not a game!

  • TALK: Try talking first! Lean on Sri Guru Granth Sahib for differences, the Rehitnaamas, and DISCUSSION. If all else fails, Let the Sangat vote if you have discrepancies.

  • SECURITY: Gurdwara's need to assign some Singhs and Singhaneyaan for security duty or figure something out. This is getting out of hand. In America, it's becoming too common!  If there was some assigned security, people would be more afraid of trying something foolish. This way, the Sangat would only get involved if assigned security is not able to handle the situation. If nothing else, when mass crowds are present, arrange for such security if every week is not possible.  Take the culprits outside or hold them down until police arrive!
Bhull Chuk Maaf. 


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