Monday, April 16, 2018

What is the Highest Religion? What is the most pure act?

Why Remember God? – Most Pure Act

Select Verses, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji:
  1. “Sarab Dharam mein Sreshta Dharam Har Ko Naam Jap Nirmal Karam”
  2. “Gobind Bhajan Bin Birthe Sab Kaaj”
An attempt at translating these verses:
  1. Of all faiths/religions/paths, this is the most pure or accepted path, which is remembering God and reciting his name (externally or internally) and it is the most filth-less (pure) act.
  2. Without remembering Gobind all other acts are in vain.
ANG 269 from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
Raag Gauree Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji - Ang 269
Does this mean you should give up everything else? That’s a complicated answer. All I can say is that I’ve come to understanding that remember God at all times, and secondly, do everything as God would want you to, which until you fully connect with him it is hard for a person to understand. If what you do gets you closer to God, then its an act that is better than one that doesn’t, but maximize the time that you spend on the contemplation of God, Singing his praises, talking about him, sharing information about him and so forth. Where does this come from? Love!
Most powerful pangti that I have ever read and it changed how I viewed things:
“Sagal Dharam Mehi Ootham Dharam. Karam Karathooth Kai Oopar Karam” Which is translated below to that remembrance of God is the highest of all religions. It is the highest act you can perform. Higher than any other ritual. In Summary, forget your mind’s desires, and remember God.”

Basant Mahal 5

Basant Mahal 5
Maharaj and Sangat bhull-chuk maaf karan! 


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