Monday, December 6, 2021

Is your life a mess? Let Sikhi (Sikhism) restore your life!

 Sat Sri Akaal and Waaheguroo Ji Kaa Khalsaa, Waaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

As previously mentioned, Sikhi teaches that the Lord is one, the many, he is all, yet he is beyond all. He has numerous descriptions, attributes, and all powers, yet he is indescribable at the same time. He is formless, timeless, yet he existed and exists in the forms of Guroos (currently in Shabad or word form - Scripture / Sri Guroo Granth Sahib Ji) and Saints to help guide humanity.  He created the creation, and he is in the creation, but also detached from it. The Lord is the creator, sustainer and destroyer.

It is ultimately the Lord’s show, but as a soul removes its filth in the human birth (the five vices), as a conscious being, it can play a role in shaping reality as a co-creator. The eternal form is beyond the macrocosm, so the ultimate consciousness cannot be described or contained, therefore, it is beyond the universe(s). The soul goes through a journey from loneliness where it wanders thinking it is alone, to universalness as it starts to see itself in others and vice a versa, to oneness where it sees the one in everything, and ultimately, to nothingness. The creator falls in love with his creation and the creation appreciates the love and dissolves in that love. Saach Kahon Sun Leho Sabhai, Jin Prem Keeyo, tin hee prabh paaeo. ~ Tva Prasaad Savaiye - Guroo Gobind Singh Ji  (The truth is being spoken, so listen everyone - those that love the Lord are the ones who will realize him.)" 

So the journey starts with separation and loneliness, to universalness, to oneness, to nothingness. As stated in Sukhmanee Sahib by Sri Guroo Arjan Dev Ji, nothing is born and nothing dies, the wondrous play is played by the Lord/Creator/Director/Actor.


1. Make Vaaheguroo (The Amazing Enlightener, Teacher, Lord, Almighty) the top priority in your heart (first) and life.

  • "Guroo, Guroo, Gur Kar Man Mor, Guroo Binaa main Naahee Hor. (My mind, repeat the name of the Lord, without whom I cannot not exist."
  • It might take some time for your life to realign itself, but first convince your heart and mind to love and accept the Almighty as your top priority. The heart needs to first, since the mind will resist as may others in your life, but at some point they accept the truth. Love is the most important part. "Saach Kahon Sun Leho Sabhai, Jin Prem Keeyo, tin hee prabh paaeo. ~ Tva Prasaad Savaiye - Guroo Gobind Singh Ji  (The truth is being spoken, so listen everyone - those that love the Lord are the ones who will realize him.)" 
  • Soul - It only has one food and that is naam simran; the remembrance of God through meditation a focused repetition of a shabad - a descriptive name of the Lord (for Sikhs, Guroo Granth Saahib Ji has many descriptive names, e.g. Vaaheguroo, Ik Oangkaar, Nirankaar, Akaal, Kartaar, Har Har, Ram, Gobind, Allah, and many others. It seeks union or oneness with God. When we are in Sunn Samaadhi  - a deep meditative state, we are one with the Lord. "Sargun Nirgun, Nirankaar, Sun Samaadhi Aap, Aapan Keeyaa naanakaa Aaape hee phir jaap - Salokh Mahala 5 - Sri Guroo Arjan Dev Ji - Sukhmanee Saahib (Both the non-descriptive, and descriptive forms are of the Lord, who can be found by a deep meditative state of mind. Nanak, he does his own doing, and he chants his own name.)" 

2. Remember you are the Mind, Physical, Soul, and Spirit, so it is important to take care of all four.

  • Mind - Naam Simran, Gurbanee, Keertan, Kathaa, Sevaa, and pure actions will help keep the 5 vices under control and the mind pure. "Sukhmanee Sukh Amrit Prabh Naam, Bhagat Janaa Kai Man Bisraam. ~ Guroo Arjan Dev Ji - Sukhmanee Saahib" 

  • Spirit - In our hearts, there is an ideal version of who we think we should become and that spirit motivates us, but when we move away from it, we feel hurt and depressed. That spirit can be formed by Gurbanee (guroo's words / teachings) or by our love for the Guroos (teachers). The Guroo and Gurbanee are not different from each other. "Banee Guroo, Guroo hai baanee, vich baanee amrit saare, Gurbanee kahai sevak jan maanai, prataakh guroo nistaarey." It is the truth we believe in, even when we don't understand the whole story. Ultimately, that spirt guides us to our destination. Sometimes, our spirit demands certain actions in our life to keep it on track.

  • Physical - The physical body also needs strength, rest, care, recovery, sustenance, exercise, training, and other things to stay sharp. Without good physical health, other parts of you can suffer as well; however, once you reach a certain stage, your soul, mind, and spirit can carry you, even when your physical self wants to give up, but the training and care of the physical self increases your typical capacity. Don't forget, the physical you includes your brain, which these days is what is predominantly being used, especially in the western world. Unrest in the brain, can be problematic for the rest of body. Unrest of the spirit can lead to unrest in many other areas of your life as the soul and spirit have great power of manifestation.
  • Soul: Your soul is the witness. The experiences, company, words it hears are all important. Be kind to yourself and others.
3. Train your mind, but stay humble. 

  • "Sikhaan Da Man Neevaan Mat Uchee ~ Ardaas (A Sikh's - learner's mind is humble, but their wisdom is of high level - from Ardaas - Formal Prayer of Sikhs)." Learn about worldly matters when necessary, but stay humble. A sharp intellect is good, but if anger, desires, greed, attachment and ego takeover, even your intellect can't save you. The greater your understanding, life becomes more acceptable to the mind. Most important lesson a Sikh can learn about this topic is that, "Toon aape Kartaa, teraa keeyaa sabh hoye, tudh bin doojaa avar naa koe.  ~ Raag Aasaa Mahalaa 4  - Sri Guroo Ram Das Ji 
4.  Generally, when we get pain, we need medicine. The medicine of Naam fixes everything.

  • "Sarab rog ka aukhad naam. (Remembrance of God is the cure for all all diseases.)" Pain itself can be a reminder or cause to remember God.  Ideally, sooner the pain starts, the faster we address the issue, right? The longer we wait, the more painful it becomes. Some souls have had a long journey, so mukhtee or liberation from life, pains, and death is what they seek. Others obtain eternal bliss while alive, so the pains of this world effect them less as they are Jeevan Mukhat - those who are liberated, yet, alive. 
5. What should a Sikh do to become "acceptable?" 

Additionally, be disciplined (pray for this discipline) about the following:

Ultimately, everything is within Hukam or command of the Lord, so practicing all of these commands help us along our journey.


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