Monday, December 27, 2021

Neech Ooch Kare Mera Gobind | Amazing Power of God to Transform Your Life!

Neech Ooch Kare Mera Gobind - Amazing Power of God!

Neech Ooch Kare | SikhNet

The following Gurbani of Bhagat Sri Ravi Das Ji from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji describes the amazing power of God. Let's get one thing clear, all of the world and everything in it is God's play. God is nirbhau (fearless).  He does not need permission to grant his gifts. He can transform your life in a second, if he so chooses. Bhagat Sri Ravi Das Ji says that he can grant importance, high positions, gifts, status, and other blessings to anyone regardless of your race, gender, caste, past, history, actions, etc. God transforms those that society considers lowest into the highest. Obviously, this does not mean we should be careless in our hearts, but never forget that he retains control at all times, and can turn-the-tables (physically or metaphorically) at anytime. 

He can make major changes in seconds, or he can also do it slowly. We think OUR actions will become the cause for our situations. Instead, he is both the causer and cause. There is no other.  "Karan, Kaaran Prabh Ek Hai Doosar Nahee Koe, Nanak Tis Balhaarnai, Jal Thal Maheeal Soe (The doer and cause are One, the Lord, no one else, so Nanak submits to the one who is water, land, and all else.) ~ Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Sri Sukhmanee Sahib Ji by Sri Guru Arjan Devj Ji.   It is always about his hukam (will). 

So if you start to lose hope that your life can be straightened out, remember miracles do happen. To straighten out your affairs, something needs to change. How you deal with change is most important. Changes might include your character, attitude, perspective, the people in your lives, actions, habits, and other things. However, instead of praying for those things individually, pray for Naam! Pray for his grace!

If we don't have trust in God, we will hinder our experience because we won't understand or appreciate the gifts that we are receiving.

May the Guru and Sangat forgive me for any mistakes!



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